Calvin Trillin mentioned Kansas City on The Daily Show last night

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10/18/11 in :60 Seconds
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Calvin Trillin plugged his new book on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart last night. Stewart, clearly a fan of Trillin’s, recognized the author’s prescience. During an appearance on The Daily Show in 2006, Trillin joked about the possibility of an “underwear bomber.” Three years later, a Nigerian citizen tried to blow up a plane that landed in Detroit with a bomb sewn into his shorts.

Trillin, who attended Southwest High School, mentioned Kansas City while discussing his political satire. Trillin said his Midwestern roots would not allow him to rhyme “Al D’Amato,” the name of the former U.S. senator from New York, with “tomato.” The video above is a 60-second version of last night’s show.

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