Cafe Sebastienne isn’t the only place to eat near the art

  • flickr/kiribabe
  • Rozzelle Court was once the only art museum restaurant in the city. It now has competition.

My review this week revisits Cafe Sebastienne, the sophisticated bistro inside the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s the only restaurant in a metro museum that offers full-service dining every day that it’s open. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s celebrated Rozzelle Court offers full-service dining only on Friday nights, and Cafe Tempo, in Johnson County Community College’s Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, doesn’t employ a waitstaff.

All three of those museum restaurants are appealing, and each has its own executive chef with a distinctive style. Cafe Sebastienne feels more like a traditional restaurant, Rozzelle Court gives off a theatrical vibe, and Cafe Tempo is sort of an upbeat coffee shop. Each also has its fans.

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