Best of Kansas City 2021: Cafe Cà Phê brings the coffee and the culture

Jackie Nguyen Of Cà Phê stands in front of their coffee truck

Jackie Nguyen of Cà Phê // Photo by Travis Young

When Jackie Nguyen opened Cafe Cà Phê last year, we knew the city was in for a treat. What we didn’t know was how much of a dynamic force for good the coffee shop would be for the city.

Throughout the year, the team at Cafe Cà Phê held a Stop Asain Hate vigil following the Atlanta attacks, hosted a plethora of pop-ups to help out and collaborate with small businesses around the city, and constantly uplifted underserved communities. 

With a dynamic menu that will keep you coming to every single pop-up and make you a regular at the shop’s residencies with other local businesses, Cafe Cà Phê has created a devoted community that is committed to seeing the shop succeed. And with a new brick-and-mortar location underway, we have no doubt they will do just that. Everything about Cafe Cà Phê is Hella Good [pun entirely intended].

Support Cafe Cà Phê by donating to their brick and mortar fund

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