Browne’s celebrates its 122nd anniversary tommorow

Kerry Browne was two years old when she started working at her family’s store. “My relatives asked my parents what took so long,” she jokes. Some of her earliest memories are working at the store, stocking its shelves and riding in the company delivery van. Tomorrow, June 6, she’ll add to those memories when Browne’s Irish Market celebrates its 122-year Anniversary with a huge block party from 2 to 11 p.m. at 33rd and Pennsylvania.

When Browne’s was founded in 1887, a guy named Grover was in the White House, 70 percent of Americans didn’t have indoor plumbing, Alf Landon was an infant and Colorado had just been admitted to the Union.

Browne’s is now the self-proclaimed oldest Irish business west of the Mississippi River.

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