Brookville Hotel and Munson’s Prime to join together as Legacy Kansas

Legacy Ks

A rendering of the Legacy Kansas restaurant sketch.// Courtesy Brookville Chicken on Facebook

Fans of the Brookville Hotel II restaurant and Munson’s Prime steakhouse have a reason to celebrate. The two historic restaurants will combine June 23 in Brookville’s space to become Legacy Kansas, the restaurant announced in a Facebook post. Brookville Hotel closed in October of 2020 after owners said COVID-19 and a lack of traffic forced them to shutter the business. The restaurant had been open and family-run since 1870. 

We have been a part of so many family celebrations over the years and we will miss you all,” owners Mark and Connie Martin said in a Facebook post announcing the closure. The restaurant was located in Brookville, Ks, until 2000 when it moved to Abilene, Ks. 

Brookville Hotel is famous for its chicken dinners. Fans can expect the same Brookville fare when Legacy Kansas opens this summer. The restaurant will also add chicken fried steak from Munson Angus Farms. Within a year of it reopening, Legacy Kansas promises that patrons can expect Munson Angus Farms award-winning steaks, gourmet burgers, and homemade ice cream. The ice cream is something that Munson’s Prime is famous for. 

“It is important for us to reopen for the summer travel season,” said Deanna Munson, of Legacy Kansas. “We will continue to work over the coming months to expand our menu featuring our locally-raised Angus beef.”

Abilene is the home of President Eisenhower. It was also recently named one of the best small towns to visit by Smithsonian Magazine and one of the top 10 true western towns of the year by True Western Magazine

Much of Brookville Hotel’s interior will remain the same. The Munson’s also plan to add a ranch gate and update the building’s facade. 

Legacy Kansas plans to celebrate agriculture in their restaurant. Munson says partnerships will continue with Kansas State University’s College of Agriculture and Research and Extension. The restaurant will also partner with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Associate of Wheat Growers, Kansas Livestock Association, and other agriculture groups. These partnerships are part of an effort to “promote and feature Kansas farms and ranches in videos in the restaurant.”

The “End of the Chisholm Trail” Bar located inside the restaurant will also feature a video wall from artist Hugh Livingston’s Livingston Sound project. The video shows farm and ranch footage captured in Geary, Riley, and Dickinson Counties.

“We are excited for Munson’s Prime steakhouse and the Brookville Hotel family-style chicken house to return and we appreciate the support from all of our customers,” Munson said. “Together, we will continue the legacy.”

Legacy Kansas plans to hire 30 employees in the new restaurant. They will also offer meeting space for large groups, noon meetings, and special events. Curbside pickup, as well as catering options, are available—including a new “Grill and Go” option that will deliver a grill on-site where staff will grill burgers for special events. Horse-drawn carriage or trolly rides are also in the works.

Legacy Kansas will be open Wednesday-Friday from 5-8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Reservations are encouraged. For more information about Legacy Kansas, visit Brookville Chicken’s Facebook page.

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