Breakfast Buffet: Wednesday, 5/20

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The first review of Two Jokers — the new Boulevard Smokestack. It looks to be a winner though still not available everywhere. [Chimpotle and KC Beer Blog]

Presenting Longboards, which serves sandwich-style wraps. The best part is that the menu has been taken over by Chuck Norris, as evidenced by the Ranger Chuck and Delta Force. [Hot Blog on a Stick]

The various flavors produced by different coffeemakers using the same beans is amazing. As is a hand-cranked coffee grinder that takes 170 turns to produce one serving of coffee. [Liquid Diets]

Paupa, New Guinea is one of the most miserable places to live. But it’s also one of the most diverse — more than 800 languages for six million people — and that makes it a great place to visit. [Intelligent Life]

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