Breakfast Buffet: Wednesday, 3/25

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After a hiatus, Venus in the Kitchen is back with musings on appreciative customers and the personal-chef business in this economy. [Venus in the Kitchen]

Starbucks keeps rolling out new products. Expect its premium ice-cream to show up in grocery stores in the next month or so. [Seattle P.I.]

Ladies — it’s not too late to get a pair of Rachel Ray’s “Yum-O” Ugg boots. “Yum-O” isn’t the line of boots, but what the boots say on them in large block letters. Ugg is right. [Food Network Humor]

Yesterday, Fat City said brisket isn’t as bad for you as other red meat because of the types of fat it contains. But it turns out red meat is damaging to bodies in many ways that don’t involve fat. [Time]

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