Breakfast Buffet: Wednesday, 3/04

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Another entry on the list of the world’s most annoying commercials — or is this Billy the Talking Mouth Bass spot a good way to sell filet-o-fish? [American Copywriter]

A month ago, Fat City featured 93-year-old Clara and her uplifting Great Depression recipes. Now, KC Meesha looks at Clara’s recipes and asks what’s the big deal? He also says that, “a pound of hot dogs costs more than a pound of chicken.” Not if you get the really cheap Bar-S hot dogs. [Kansas City with a Russian Accent]

Get ready to have your mind blown. This isn’t just on Oreo cupcake but an Oreo cupcake with a glass of milk built into it. It’s like dipping the Oreo into itself. Trippy. [Cupcake Project]

Michelin Guides are the world’s most influential dining books. So it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of complaining and suspicion that the French guide’s new best chef just happens to be Sarkozy’s favorite. [Independent]

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