Breakfast Buffet: Tuesday, 9/9


A local blogger totally takes apart the new awareness campaign running for high fructose corn syrup. (Where to Eat in Kansas City)

The fructose corn syrup issue is raising a lot of press and here’s a local doctor discussing how and where you should get your sugar. (Fortunately our bodies do need sugar.) (KC Infozine)

Kind of close to home, they’re having to deal with mutant plants. It’s not killer tomatoes but it is an extremely hot pepper growing on a different plant. (Wichita Examiner)

Oh yipee, yipee, yipee. Just what the world needs- another food magazine! This time it’s sponsored by none other than the Food Network. If it goes anything like the television channel, they’ll have real chefs featured for several issues before booting them in favor of people with no training who make meals in thirty minutes from cans. (MediaWeek)

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