Breakfast Buffet: Tuesday, 9/30


In times of crisis, people revert to canned goods. Yesterday, only one stock on the S&P gained. Only one out of 500! That stock you ask? Campbell Soup. (Wonkette)

Speaking of values, food marketers are now shying away from pushing expensive new lines and reverting back to “cost-value” safe foods. That is, safe foods with a very healthy profit margin. (WSJ)

Something fishy’s going on. Or at least something is 40 percent breaded minced fishy when it comes to these fish sticks. (Consumerist)

All right, I’ll come out and say it. I subscribe to both and right now New York Magazine is kicking the New Yorker’s butt, in story ideas, content, humor, lists, you name it. It’s NY Mag’s 40th Anniversary and it asked one of its writers to come up with a list of the most important restaurants of the past 40 years. (NY Mag)

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