Breakfast Buffet: Tuesday, 12/23

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Musings from a St. Louis transplant on the city’s unique style pasta and the way it has evolved. [Gone Mild]

If you’re going to pull off your own successful Ponzi scheme, it’s good to learn from the masters. Here’s the nine most brazen Ponzi schemes. [Neatorama]

It’s not even 2009 and we already have a food trend for next year. I hope you like oatmeal because you’re going to be seeing a lot of it. [WSJ]

Drive-throughs are not known for their healthy selections but these 20 fast-food items take the cake in being the worst ones you can order. [Men’s Health]

Oh irony. Half of the Illinois health department employees who attended the agency’s holiday party have come down with food poisoning. [AP] — Owen Morris

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