Breakfast Buffet: Tuesday, 12/016

A roundup of the top five stories this year in food technology. Yes, it’s the ultimate food geek news but it contains a lot of cool stuff. [AP Food Technology]

An Australian doctor is reporting a wine he’s grown can clear arteries and grow hair back and put years on your life … you get the idea. Considering the last thing Australia’s given us, take the news with a grain of salt. [Independent]

If you need a relatively inexpensive Christmas present and want original art while supporting a local artist (who’s also Irish) then check out the studio this artist paints from and then check out his paintings. [Irish KC]

Another gift. This one was supposedly created for geeks but seems it would appeal more to junkies: it’s a spoon with a scary accurate scale attached. It can weigh accurately to the nanobite. [Wired] Owen Morris

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