Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 9/4


How many countries can one tiny bottle of fruit juice have in it? Way more than I’ve visited. (Kansas City with a Russian Accent)

Cornflakes and chicken is one of those throwbacks to childhood. For me, it’s one of those foods you remember enjoying as a child but don’t think you’d enjoy anymore. Judging from the picture on this blog entry, I’d still enjoy it a whole lot. (Noodletown)

No surprise here, but economists have finally mathematically figured out that when food costs rise, it’s the poor who get hurt the most. File another report in the “bleeding obvious” category. (Portfolio)

As Frank Bruni talked about in the Times yesterday, this economy is making it tough for a lot of restaurants out there. Today, a report released by the National Restaurant Association proves that. (NYT & Atlanta Business Journal)

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