Breakfast Buffet: Thursday 7/24


The coffee recession continues to have its effect on coffee stores in Kansas City. (KC Perky)

Way to be neighborly St. Louis. Two of KC’s finest beer connoisseurs drive all the way to your town just to visit the Schlafly Brewery and it’s up and closed. Oh well, at least they managed to find some other brewer there called Anheuser something or other. (KC Beer Blog)

Democracy ain’t cheap. Just ask the Moscowites who have to pay an average of $10.19 for a cup of coffee. It’s the list of world’s most expensive cups of coffee. (Forbes)

A profile of star-chef Jean George Vongerichten who just inked a deal with Starwood to open 30-50 restaurants in its hotels in the next two years. One of which could very well make its way to our town. (Portfolio)

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