Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 7/17


Less than a month after The Pitch blogged about it and less than six months after opening, Rev Cafe and Gallery is no more. (KC Perky)

The title of this article is “Even chocolate feels bite of recession.” I think a more reasonable title would be, “What in hell’s name are the directors and staff from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City doing in a Colorado chocolate store located on the side of a mountain when KC is in the middle of a recession?” (Reuters)

As budgets grow tighter, consumer’s tighten down on lunch. According to the story’s “Lunchanomic” graph, a homemade turkey sandwich still costs nearly $4. That’s not much cheaper than a half-sandwich at some delis. Looks like Ramen noodles and pb&j’s for me. (WSJ)

Two all beef patties, special sauce and…well, you know the rest. McDonald’s is revising the old Big Mac jingle but this time is inviting customers to write their own music to the famous lyrics. (IHT)

I wonder if the writer of the original Big Mac jingle was as drugged out as the writers of the below McDonald’s commercial? Would that even be possible?

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