Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 4/16

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A tale of two reubens. One is delicious and one is God’s way of punishing people who order sandwiches from dive bars. [KC Lunch Spots and Hot Blog on a Stick]

These students could be the area’s next big brewers. [Kansan]

The battle of the artificial sweeteners heats up with Stevia. More interesting is the approach taken by soda companies — instead of just using one sweetening agent like corn syrup or aspartame, they’re using complex combinations. [NYT]

Don’t get your stretch pants in a wad, but if this article is correct that it really doesn’t matter what you eat, just when you eat it. [WSJ]

Ever wonder what a 123 pound burger looks like? Here are 15 of the world’s largest objects. [Oddee]

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