Breakfast buffet: Thursday, 10/30


Hey — some Kansas Citians were recently running the Dublin Marathon in Ireland. What a great place to work up an appetite for some beer while also disproving the notion that we are a fat city. After all, how do rumors like that get started? (Irish KC)

Uh-oh. Companies are already promising to cut back or cancel holiday parties and it’s not even the end of October. I guess if there’s a silver lining, it gives employees a long time to plan a party at their own houses. (South Florida Biz Journal)

Attention bacon lovers: This is the holy grail of alcohols and just in time for Halloween. Bacon-infused vodka. (AV Club)

So this article is called “Grown-up Tricks for Treats” and features a big picture of a brownie. Being NPR and all, they didn’t follow through with the obvious story from there. (NPR)

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