Breakfast Buffet: Thursday 02/26

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Bill Hicks used to say that he went to dance clubs once a year to remind himself why he didn’t go the other 364 days. That joke came to mind as I was reading this state of the club scene report written by a self-proclaimed dork like myself. [JJS in KCK]

When Kansas City with a Russian Accent talks about subs, I’m never sure from the title which type of sub. In this case, it’s Quizno’s, which can’t even its subs out. [KC With a Russian Accent]

A family, some ingredients and a plan — noodle kugel. I’ve never had this Jewish secret-family-recipe dessert but it looks delicious. [Simmer till Done]

One pizza, several government agencies. A clearly stated, real-world example of what is wrong with food oversight. [WSJ]

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