Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 01/29

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If you’ve ever passed the gigantic pummelo oranges at the grocery store and wondered how they taste, wonder no more. [KC With a Russian Accent]

Beer geeks rejoice — a special treat will be arriving in a couple of weeks. [The Wort Hog]

Speaking of beer, if you drink it you are a “loser” and a “sadsack.” That is if this wine-promoting author is to be believed. Somebody should remind him there’s a term for his type of drinker as well: wino. [Guardian]

Top 10 restaurant openings in 2009. Sadly, none of these are in Kansas City or within my price range. [Ask Men]

Isn’t it ironic. A California couple’s home was lost to a cigarette-caused fire while they attended a stop-smoking meeting. [San Luis Obispo Tribune]

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