Breakfast Buffet: Thursday, 01/08

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Odds are President Bush had a low-fat hot dog for lunch yesterday when he met with Obama and three other presidents. No word what Obama ordered but it probably wasn’t the southern sampler. [WSJ]

Air India does not take kindly to heavy airline attendants and fired ten for being overweight. Not that it’s a defense but at least they’re being honest about why they fired them. [Economist]

Along with Wal-Mart, another recession-proof company is Domino’s. They had stellar sales as more people ate in. Apparently eating in now means ordering pizza and not cooking your own meals. [Independent]

Stag Brewery has been making beer for more than 600 years and is the oldest brewery in the world. Yesterday, Anheuser-Busch InBev announced it would close Stag. [Times Online]

Owen Morris

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