Breakfast Buffet: Monday, 9/29


I once asked a very good bartender what his secret was and he said it was knowing that only half a bartender’s job is about making drinks, the other half is about service. That’s the main theme in this post about local bars’ service. (KC Beer Blog)

Thank our eBay culture for this but on Saturday this week, there will be an auction of rare trees in France. The French got us to pay for drinking water so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they’ll be able to get $30,000 or more for a tree. (The Economist)

I like the Swedes’ idea of an auction better. They’re selling something useful like whiskey at their auction. I’d need a couple of shots if I just paid $5,000 for a bottle. (The Local)

You know who is not in a recession right now? Packaged food makers. The less people eat out, the more people buy their products and right now, they’re making money almost as fast as the Keebler Elves make delicious cookies. (BusinessWeek)

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