Breakfast Buffet: Monday, 12/15

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Filling a soda for a young child: nice. Filling a soda for a young child and realizing as you fill it that the kid just picked the cup up off the ground: still nice but much more awkward. [Lucubrations

It isn’t a great time to be working at a TGIFriday’s or any of the other restaurants that are squeezing jobs right now. Also, did you know that 20 states haven’t raised the minimum wage for servers since 1991? It’s $2.13 an hour. [WSJ]

Tahitian vanilla is expensive and has never been found in the wild. It may not even exist in the wild, and it sure as heck isn’t indigenous to Tahiti. So science detectives have been trying to figure out: how exactly did Tahitian vanilla get to Tahiti? [New Scientist]

How serious is Gwyneth Paltrow about food? Apparently, so serious she needs a top 10 list to explain all the reasons. [Epicurious]

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