Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 7/25


Do you have a talent for the written word? Is your pen definitely mightier than your sword? Then start writing your 400 word article for The KC Irish Fest. Unlike the contests in knitting, baking and photography, it’s due before the Fest begins. The Irish Fest Blog has some tips on how to write the perfect essay for it. (KC Irish Fest)

Olympic goers rejoice. Your Beijing Big Mac won’t cost nearly as much coin as the suckers who attended Lillehamer in 1994 would have to pay. According to the Big Mac Index, Norway has the world’s highest McDonald’s prices and China has the second-lowest. (The Economist)

A lot of my friends eat and drink soy because it’s good for the body. Turns out for the bottom half of the body in males, not so much. (BBC)

Your daily dose of carny news. A how-to guide on bringing that giant stuffed animal home from a Gary Busey lookalike at the carnival. (Wired)

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