Breakfast Buffet: Friday 2/20

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So a bartender hates you. Join the club. Here are seven good reasons for a bartender to hate a customer. [Daily Fork]

Forgot to include this in my free-coffee story yesterday. Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free 1.1 ounce bags of its coffee through its Web site. My favorite part is at the top, where it says, “You’ll be tasting Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at home in no time.” The very next line is “please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.” [Dunkin’ Donuts]

Let’s keep the free gravy train going! Hardee’s may or may not have free country potatoes today. Does it really matter? You were going to Hardee’s anyway. [Hot Blog on a Stick]

The Mediterranean diet heavy on olive oil and fish really will lower risk of heart disease and cancer if — a big if — Americans eat it in moderation. It does no good with Texas-sized portions. [Scientific Blogging]

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