Breakfast Buffet: Friday, 11/14

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Am I the only one who gets too little sleep? Obviously not — everybody I ask says they’re tired. Either that, or they’ve fallen asleep before the question is over. Turns out not sleeping is bad for the body. Like, really bad. [Time]

Gordon Ramsey was voted number one chain-operator in Britain, a claim he probably won’t brag about considering McDonald’s ranked third. [Economist]

I know I joked about Thomas Keller charging $1,500 for a meal, but reading this time-line description from the back of the house the tension hooked me. I would have payed almost that amount to be a fly on the wall as these chefs clashed, cooked and dealt with food allergies. [NYT]

Like to overeat? Chances are that if your mother over-ate while she was pregnant with you then you will too. That’s a fact!…in rats. Whether the same genetic results transfer to humans remain to be seen. [AP Food Technology]

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