Breakfast Buffet: 12/30

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Wait? Is this blog post even about food? It starts off on the subject but quickly veers to Twitter. You’ve been warned. [Hip Suburban White Guy]

New Years’ Resolutions are coming quick and often now. Dan Regan from KC Irish Fest has a good list of what he hopes to accomplish including, “I will get a full 8 hours of sleep a night Irish Fest weekend and

will eat three square, healthful and nutritious meals each day, while

limiting myself to one small glass of light beer.” I wish him the best of luck but I didn’t even manage that as a visitor, much less a planner. [Tir na Blog]

How will the organic food market hold up in this recession? Will there even be an organic food market? [AP Food Technology]

2008 versus 2009. Oh what a difference a year and a global recession makes. [The Guardian] Owen Morris

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