Boulevard’s Reboot White IPA hits store shelves Tuesday

  • There’s a beer in the machine.

Even if all our entertainment is made up of reruns, some are definitely tastier than others. Case in point: Boulevard’s Reboot White IPA (the hometown brewery sent a bottle over to The Pitch), the rerelease of its 2011 Collaboration Series No. 2 White IPA, which hits shelves Tuesday. [You can read the story of the 2011 beer produced jointly with Deschutes Brewery here.]

The tasting notes for the latest Smokestack Series brew suggest that “Version 2.0” has hints of bubblegum and clove in the nose while “sage and lemongrass balance the tangy, zesty wheat malt profile.” Reboot, which has been on taps around town for about a week, checks in at 48 on the IBUs scale and has an alcohol by volume of 7.4 percent. Don’t adjust your dials, beer drinkers, White IPA is back. As always, feel free to let your fellow imbibers know where you got a bottle and how much it ran you.

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