Boulevard’s Love Child No. 2 hits shelves tomorrow

  • Is it Love Child at first sight?

Drinkers don’t leave their marriage to Miller, Coors or Budweiser all at once. They first dance with something a little different – a wheat or a pale ale. And maybe one time, they try something with some fruit in it, but they don’t tell their friends about that night.

Then there’s a six-pack on sale or the random selection of a cooler filled with ice. The next thing they know, they’re debating the merits of India Pale Ale and searching for the strongest stout they can handle. They still go back to see High Life and Coors Light, but it’s more out of convenience or habit than a genuine desire to put their lips on those bottles. And then one day, that beer drinker gets goaded into or intrigued by a sour beer. That day for many people might just be tomorrow, when Boulevard releases Love Child No. 2, a sour beer and the latest in its Smokestack series.

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