Boulevard Pilsner: not your grandfather’s lager

Schlitz has recently had a rather successful comeback by reintroducing its original recipe and playing up its retro-chic factor. Light, simple and All-American, it represents the classic beer of a simpler time.

Boulevard clearly intended to go this direction with its new American lager called Boulevard Pilsner. It’s the cheapest beer the company makes ($5.99 for a six-pack) and the logo is right out of the ’50s. The actual Boulevard logo is nowhere to be found. Even the Smokestack series had the logo on the back of the bottle, but not Boulevard pilsner.

It’s almost as if Boulevard is trying to distance itself from the pilsner, in case people revolt against the idea of Kansas City’s precious micro-brewery trying a beer style in the territory of Anheuser-Busch and Miller (in that case, Boulevard can say it was all an experiment). On the other hand, maybe it’s to keep Anheuser-Busch and Miller from feeling too threatened.

And Anheuser and Miller have reason to feel threatened.

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