Boulevard enters the hard seltzer market with Quirk

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The taste of summer just got a little sweeter. Boulevard Beverage Co., a “side hustle” from Boulevard Brewing focusing on projects outside its traditional beer homeland, today announced a new line of beverages: Quirk Spiked & Sparkling. Their take on hard seltzers uses real fruit juice and comes in three flavors.

It’s exciting for KC to get its feet wet in the booming seltzer market.

“Quirk is not your typical hard seltzer,” said Boulevard brewmaster Steven Pauwels. “Even the name tells the tale. We don’t do ‘just another.’ We’re always striving to move beer forward, and believe Quirk can do the same for seltzers. 

Quirk Spiked & Sparkling consists of three flavors:

Strawberry Lemon & Basil – bursting with sweet strawberry aromas and the tangy zest of real lemon juice, finishing with a hint of earthy basil

Blackberry Sage – pouring a magnificent mauve from genuine juice, delivering ripe blackberry goodness brilliantly blended with piquant sage

Pear Yuzu – slyly seducing with the smooth, fresh flavors of real pear juice, unexpectedly but perfectly paired with savory, citrusy yuzu

Quirk Spiked & Sparkling will hit shelves in select markets across the Midwest in June, just in time for summer. “We’ve been working on these for a couple years now,” added Pauwels, “and are excited to finally share them with the world.”

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