Bob Dylan and Phil Lesh

Bob Dylan, still on his Neverending Tour, has circled wagons with Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh. But what could have been Summer 2000’s reigning geezer tour has turned into a showcase for some very unexpected Dylan songs, including “Country Pie,” performed at several stops already, and an opening acoustic set. So far, Dylan has presented relatively short sets, choosing to open the show at most dates and start on time. So get there early if you want to roll the dice that he’ll turn the pages of his songbook to “Roving Gambler.” Lesh, meanwhile, has hit on a strategy to keep the Dead flame burning without pandering: just touring under his own name with such pros as drummer John Molo and guitarists Robben Ford and Paul Barrere. Considering that, so far, Lesh and Dylan haven’t shared the stage either, it’s a truly spartan concept that deserves kudos for also reportedly sounding very good.

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