BK Breakfast Muffin and Breakfast Bowl: Taste test

Hungover dudes and spork enthusiasts got a little boost last week with the introduction of two new breakfast items at Burger King: the Breakfast Muffin ($1) and the Breakfast Bowl ($2.75).

The Breakfast Muffin is sausage on a biscuit. Burger King is taking direct aim at the Sausage McMuffin with this one, running a commercial that features the King mascot stealing the recipe for McDonald’s signature breakfast sandwich. 

This is a greasy sandwich that is nearly all biscuit in taste. It has the same properties as a KFC biscuit — buttery and chewy. The sausage patty mostly tastes of pepper, but is so thin that it’s more like meaty jam than sandwich filler.

My only complaint is that the biscuit is slightly dry — I wanted a healthy dollop of white gravy. But I could see this sandwich becoming a staple of early morning roadtrips or coming to the rescue after a rough night. 

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