Beth Low jumps in at the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition

When the Missouri House of Representatives ended its most recent session, Rep. Beth Low immediately transitioned into her new role as the director of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition.

In that capacity, she flew to Detroit last week to attend the 5th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference. Now back in Kansas City, Low tells Fat City about her first full week at the coalition and her decision not to run for a fourth term in the Missouri House.

What is the food policy coalition working to change right now?


mission of the organization is to

support and promote public policy which will lead to a food system that

is sustainable, affordable and accessible to all people in our region.


example of that is the work that is currently going on to change the

codes governing urban agriculture in Kansas City. There are not farmer’s

markets and full-service grocery stores in the most economically

depressed parts of Kansas City. The poorest people in our community

don’t have access to the freshest food. Getting changes to the code is a

critical part of addressing food deserts in our community.

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