Battle of the dishes: chocolate Easter bunnies

The chocolate bunny debate used to be simple at Easter time. I either bought the large molded chocolate bunny or the small, marshmallow-filled variety. It was either cheap-o chocolate or richer, individually crafted bunnies wrapped in cellophane. Those were the basic options.

Today, the chocolate bunny aisle has exploded (along with egg and chick options). Each year, there are more varieties of bunny, available in ever larger packs. This battle represents a collection of bunnies chosen to represent nearly every segment of the Easter candy aisle. Some are scary. Some are “fudgie” (their word, not mine). And some are simply amorphous blobs of chocolate.

To tackle the 20 options available in the candy aisle, I divided the bunnies into three categories: chocolate; filled; and wild cards that could end badly or lead us to a new Easter celebration. Those bunnies would be judged on appearance and taste. Here are the results of eating 10 bunnies.

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