Baby Lisa Irwin still missing, not in Greek Gypsy camp

The Kansas City Police Department’s Twitter wrangler was right.

The Pitch earlier this week dispatched an admittedly hard-to-believe story that the attorney for missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin’s family was looking into whether an abducted child found in a Greek Gypsy camp might be the infant who disappeared from here in 2011.

No sooner than we had posted the story, the Kansas City Police Department responded to us by Twitter that the story was “highly, highly unlikely.” We’ll give them that, the appearances didn’t seem all that persuasive. And the logistics of a missing baby in Middle America turning up in a Gypsy camp in Europe are incomprehensible. But it does make us wonder what the KCPD knows about Baby Lisa.

The Associated Press says that Bulgarian authorities confirmed through DNA testing that the child in Greece belongs to a mother in Bulgaria.

Baby Lisa remains missing.

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