At gay Pride, rightbloggers try to keep it on the down-low, but some out themselves

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Pride Week’s a fun time to rightblogger-watch, because rightbloggers

just don’t know what to do about the gays.

They must know straight America is losing its antipathy toward gay people — Hell, even TGI Fridays is down with Pride. And some

insist that the gay-hating stuff is behind them, too.

But homosexual panic remains a big part of the rightblogger lifestyle.

When IMAO renames the Republican and Democratic Parties

“The Don’t Tread on Me Party and the I Have Girl Parts Where Man Parts

Should Be Party,” he knows he’ll get a big laugh from his usual crowd,

for whom the best measure of “political correctness” is whether or not

you’re willing to laugh at fag jokes.

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