Artego Pizza has reopened after closing for week

Artego Pizza was open again over the weekend, and operator Joe Perez says it was business as usual.

Perez, a former Kansas City Chiefs player and co-owner of the beleaguered Artego Pizza at 900 West 39th Street, sat at the bar of the seven-month-old pizzeria Saturday night while his employees stacked chairs on tables. After a somewhat busy Saturday, Perez says, the kitchen and dining were shutting the place down — but only for the night.

The restaurant had been closed for a week after the co-owner, Brandon Carrier, aired his differences with Perez on a newscast on KSHB Channel 41.

By Friday, both owners were singing a more conciliatory song. Carrier sent out a press release Friday stating that “misunderstandings can happen … Joe and I have chalked it up to just that, a simple misunderstanding.” Carrier also reported that the restaurant was reopening the following day.

Perez wouldn’t discuss what the “misunderstanding” between the two owners was about but says he’ll continue to operate the venue as he’s done in the past. The biggest change, Perez says, is that he’ll be offering pizza delivery service. “We’re going to start immediately.”

Perez says he’s looking for delivery drivers. 

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