Are you pro or con on the gas-station eats debate?

  • Should filling stations be for filling your belly or car?

I have eaten fried chicken, hot dogs, something hot-dog-shaped called a cheeseburger bite, taquitos, sandwiches, omelets, and barbecue from gas-station eateries. I have drunk coffee, instant milkshakes, all manners of slushies and freezies, soda concoctions, soup concoctions and enough iced tea to satisfy an elephant. As a result, my stance on the culinary wonderland that is America’s gas stations should be clear.

I wish I could go back to the days of being a gas-station ingenue, when there seemed to be an endless stream of possibilities for the grease-glistened rollers that spun like a fatty eternal flame. I wish I could be like Gavin Cleaver – who pens An Englishman In BBQ Sauce for the Dallas Observer – and who last week discovered the rare pleasure of dining on gas-station barbecue. In Kansas City, we’re blessed with plenty of repurposed gas-station restaurants (the Filling Station, Genessee Royale, Pizza 51) and dining options in working filling stations (Papu’s Cafe, Oklahoma Joe’s), as well.

It’s time to pick a side. Are you pro gas-station eats or do you believe a gas station’s dining options should begin and end with sunflower seeds and beef jerky?

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