April’s all right for al fresco dining

Local performers Darren Sextro, John Rensenhouse and Melinda McCrary had a patio date at Julian

​Nights can still be a little chilly in April and May and there’s always the possibility of rain, but after one of the longest and coldest winters in Kansas City (at least it seemed that way), it’s a distinct pleasure to be able to dine under the blue skies or the stars on a patio or a deck. It’s a preview to the joys of dining al fresco during the sultry summer months and if there’s anything resembling a view, all the better.

Some restaurant patrons don’t mind an outdoor table that looks out over a parking lot. But for others it’s simply too unromantic to consider. “It’s like eating in your car at a Sonic,” complained one friend of mine. “I like to see the faces of my friends and the clouds and the trees and all that, but I want to see more.”

Jasper’s patio room looks over a bubbling brook

​Some suggestions? The balcony at Figlio looks out over Mill Creek Park and the famous J.C. Nichols Fountain. Across the park, Cafe Trio‘s deck provides a different perspective that’s particularly pleasing in the summer when the trees are in full leaf and the deck feels like a treehouse. (Cafe Trio’s notoriously inconsistent service is another story).

One of the most soothing views in the metro can be found in the enclosed patio room — tables here are by reservation only — at Jasper’s Restaurant. It’s truly a room with a view since the big open windows look out over the prettiest stretch of Indian Creek.

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