An etiquette guide for servers

We’ve all got a mental checklist of things that servers can do to improve or ruin their tip. The New York Times blog You’re The Boss has created a two-part list (the second half will run next week) of “100 things a restaurant staffer should never do.”

The first 50 suggestions all seek to put the needs of the guest first, to keep the restaurant running smoothly and to avoid value judgments.

The list feels a bit like Miss Manners for restaurateurs — a formal and slightly outmoded advice guide that still has some relevance and truth. It includes suggestions such as: plates should not be removed before everyone is done; the specials should be announced clearly; and personal recommendations should be held back, particularly if there’s a special on lobster. These might fly in a white-coat steak house but would seem out of place in a fast-casual spot.

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