A primer on the art of flask smuggling

Sad is the man who sits in the stands at Arrowhead without a flask this time of year. This is when hot chocolate doesn’t seem so hot any more, and you discover why those glove heat packs only cost 99 cents.

But we no longer have to battle the elements and overzealous security guards with only a metal flask as our accompaniment. A number of disposable options are on the market — in case they should be discovered or lost.

The first rule of flasks is never take one with any meaning — read:

engraved — into any place where you can be forced to throw it away. The second rule of flasks is a lot like Fight Club — we don’t talk about flasks.

Anyway, we’ve come a long way from the ziploc bag taped to a leg or plastic

“beer belly” that cinches under your waistband like a secret fanny

pack. Now, it’s like a cat-and-mouse game between security guards and

tailgaters hoping to keep the party going.

Your plastic options for a portable party are after the jump. 

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