A guide to eating your way through Kansas City Restaurant Week

This is what you spend all year eating for, people. This is why you get both elbows on the table and a burger from Town Topic at 3 a.m., even as your body just wants you to go home. This is why you try and steer your car while holding a burrito from Pancho’s the size of your forearm. Kansas City Restaurant Week, and its collection of more than 100 eateries is nearly here.

The fourth annual Kansas City Restaurant Week starts next Friday, January 18, and runs through Sunday, January 27. Multicourse lunches are $15. Dinners will set you back $30. A portion of the proceeds will be given to Harvesters, the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association Education Foundation and the Kansas City Regional Destination Development Foundation. After the jump, Fat City has put together a guide to eating your way through KC Restaurant Week.

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