1,000 brown M&M’s

Rock n’ roll riders — the contract demands that artists make for concerts — have become the stuff of legend. The Smoking Gun recently got its hands on by far the most famous rider of all time, Van Halen’s.

As the 52-page document proves, sometimes legend is true. The band did indeed have a line asking for a bowl of M&M’s with “absolutely no brown ones.” Van Halen claims it was to make sure different arenas were actually following the rider but other artists are just picky.

Also on The Smoking Gun yesterday was Lou Reed’s rider, which demands, “absolutely no sugars (of any kind) … nothing should be fried and oil should be used sparingly.” Prawns and premium organic beef are good but hamburgers and tuna are out.

Will Ferrell had a rider during his college comedy tour, which came to K-State. The comedian loves him some Guinness Beer, peanut butter protein bars and raw almonds.

 Perhaps the most bizarre rider ever belongs to Iggy Pop. 

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