Zero Proof: Sampling Partake’s non-alcoholic Hefeweizen

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Zero Proof is our new column for tackling NA beers and liquor. Up today is a little Hefeweizen just in time for summer.

I’ve never understood the TV ads where, immediately upon finishing a workout at the gym, someone cracks a Heineken or Bud Light. The workout to beer pipeline never tracked for me, save a few times post-lawnmowing where I felt like I was touching the edge of understanding.

I’ve been on a bit of a quest in 2023 to tackle the best of what NA has to offer, mostly because I had no interest or incentive before, and 38 seems like the right time to be significantly less drunk in general. Part of the joy has been discovering that NA beers and liquors are dabbling in flavor profiles, textures, and other characteristics that I haven’t really encountered. Some of the best outings in this foreign genre are less about replicating a boozy counterpart, but rather capturing their essence in some new form.

Partake Brewing, an award-winning brewless brewery out of Canada (of all places) has launched a summer varietal in the form of a limited Hefeweizen. At only 15 calories, it comes with a crisp but low-level hop bitterness and the traditional flavor profile of banana and clove. With a warm golden color and hazy appearance, it would be easy to name this a more than adequate replacement for its ABV brethren. In fact, this one if pretty easily the best NA Hefe I’ve sampled. Its care for the Hefeweizen palette shows more attention to detail than a lot of summer beers I’ve tossed back in summers prior.

But in terms of a good post-heat refresher, it’s considerably better than the beverage it wants to facsimile. The six pack I kept around made for a delightful addition to a holiday weekend’s spring cleaning, and the lightness of the beer in general was a welcome addition to some annoying chores. Highly recommend.

Hefeweizen is available at retail locations in a six pack and all Partake flavors can be found at stores nationally via this locator.

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