Your Weekend Plans

1. Appreciate art in the West Bottoms. Tonight, the Emerald Space hosts The Proper Assortment, a group show by Phil Shafer, Tyler Coey and Matt Hawkins.

2. Contemplate rape, society and victimhood. Those are the themes of Extremities, the heavy show opening tonight the Just Off Broadway Theater The production is presented by Minds Eye Theatre company.

3. Laugh your ass off. The Kansas City Improv Festival continues tonight and Saturday at the Off Center Theater.

4. Walk for your health — and someone else’s. On Saturday, Theis Park is the setting for Kansas City’s Walk for PKD, which stands for the terrifying and deadly phrase “polycystic kidney disease.”

5. Watch a movie that was made in KC. On Saturday, the Lawrence Arts Center is screening Fight Night, a movie about a chick with mad mixed martial arts ability.

6. Support local music. The Crossroads Music Festival brings some 25 KC-area bands to various Crossroads stages on Saturday.

For more ways to use up the weekend, see The Pitch calendar.

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