Youngblood Brass Band

Blending marching-band exuberance with under-the-bleachers rebellion, the music of Youngblood Brass Band constantly swells, pops and roars. The blending of jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk and big band could get muddled in less capable hands, but the Youngbloods always seem to stay driven, even when meandering into virtuoso improvisations and beat-style poetics, complete with live MCing. Perhaps it’s the Madison, Wisconsin, collective’s grueling road schedule that has honed it so well; perhaps it’s the group’s unity of vision and sense of mission. But whatever the reason, these nine (plus or minus two) players harness the energy of Fishbone with a decidedly forward-thinking abandon. This is music that is made to be experienced live. Whether you shake pompoms or middle fingers is up to you.

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