You too can afford lobster on just pennies a day

Lobster feels decadent. But right now, decadent is what’s cheap thanks to the laws of supply and demand in the lobster market.

The crustaceans are currently selling at wholesale prices of $2.25 a pound. Consider that lobster was selling for $10 a pound in 2006. Even our spiny friends should have thought twice before molting and taking on a shell they couldn’t afford. 

We live in a strange time, considering that chicken prices have soared recently — leading to Tyson Food’s announcement yesterday that its net profit had risen more than 10-fold in the past quarter.

The challenge for the average consumer is in trying to determine the cost and value of what they’re eating. A new book, Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture, by Ellen Ruppel Shell, attempts to address that question. The difficulty lies in trying to figure out whether the price of a consumer good is reflective of its actual cost. 

Global issues aside, lobster can be the base of a great sandwich or salad — Chef Bobby Flay cracked out a few recipes on the Early Show last week.

If you’re thinking about cooking one up, Aldi is advertising a special — a frozen, 18-ounce whole lobster for $10. Here’s a review from last year, so you’re not flying blind. 

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