Yo La Tengo is at Grinders tonight

  • Me gusta Yo La Tengo.

Big surprise: Fade, the latest Yo La Tengo rec­ord, its 13th, is another gorgeous batch of gently fuzzy, melodic pop songs. (The moment when the strings come in on the chorus of “Is That Enough” is among the most pleasurable things I’ve heard on an album so far this year.) Missteps are rare for the Hoboken, New Jersey, trio, which has been perfecting its sound – one that draws on the Velvet Underground and the Feelies and, live, leaves enough room for screeching, improvised jams and tranquil lullabies – for nigh on 25 years. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t at least kind of like this band, and that’s the way it should be.

Wednesday, May 22, at Crossroads KC at Grinders. $25.

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