Yini De La Torre pleads guilty to poisoning salsa at a Lenexa Mi Ranchito

A former waitress at a Lenexa Mi Ranchito Mexican restaurant pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to poisoning salsa served to customers.

Yini De La Torre, 19, admitted that she added Methomyl-based pesticide to salsa on two occasions and pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to tamper with a consumer product.

Diners at the restaurant became sick after eating salsa on August 11 and 30 of last year. A total of 48 people fell ill after the poisonings, suffering nausea, abdominal

cramps, weakness, sweating and discomfort.

IDe La Torre admitted in her plea that she and her husband and co-defendant, Arnoldo Bazan, wanted to get revenge on the restaurant’s owner, hurting the restaurant’s business by poisoning customers because because Bazan allegedly believed the restaurant’s owner was responsible for costing him a job at the Olathe Mi Ranchito (where he worked until June 27, 2009) and his vehicle.

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