Yes, We Cannabis: A grassroots movement aims to legalize pot in Missouri

  • Missouri’s new cash crop?

Amber Langston has one message for Missouri voters: “The sky is not going to fall if we legalize it.”

Of course, Langston, Western Region director for the statewide pro-legalization group Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, admits that she’s facing a significant challenge. The group needs 150,000 signatures, from all over the state, by May 4 to put its initiative on the November ballot. And this isn’t some wimpy, politically palatable “decriminalization” movement that would reduce penalties for possession. Show-Me Cannabis Regulation wants across-the-board legalization.

“It’s going to have to be available to adults 21 and over, period,” she says.
Under the proposed law, residents could legally burn blunts at home and pop into a store to stock up on the kind bud when they run out (and maybe pick up some Funyuns). And with each marijuana purchase, the state’s coffers would swell with fat stacks of pot tax — up to $100 a pound. People who are drinking age and older would also be able to grow 10-foot-by-10-foot plots to cultivate their own supplies.

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